About Alef Care

Alef Care is a homecare agency infused with a sense of family and local community values. We provide domiciliary care and support services; commissioned by Bristol City Council, across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Our Promise of Care

At Alef care we care about who you are. We have a strong believe in service to others and building holistic communities that work for everyone. We aspire to create exceptional home care services that promote sincere and holistic domiciliary care, excellent staff development and service to communities. We believe we all deserve to continue to live our lives in our homes and communities with the people we cherish and the habits we love! Aging and complex needs shouldn’t change that. Alef Care was built on this idea of supporting you and your family to continue your life as you wish it to be. You’re in control. We’re just a helping hand.

Our mission is to care for who you are.

To provide the highest quality of care.

Treat people with respect and dignity.

Encourage independence.

Support passions and self expression.

Preserve freedom of choice and individuality

What makes Alef Care different?
Our BIG promises

We are a family run care agency for the whole community. As a local homegrown family business, we want to use our small home care company as a hub for positive social change in our community. This includes providing local jobs and offering training and development for school leavers and mothers who wish to return to work.

We also offer free training to family carers so they too can gain knowledge on dementia or specific disabilities and gain first aid skills.

We are committed to ​increasing awareness about public health and stimulating our clients with social activities and organising social events for Staff and clients to continuously build on whole community relationships.

By creating social interactions and adding social value we believe that could ultimately lead to less people needing to access state-funded social care services, because care and support is available in the community.