Paying for your Care

Each and every care plan is specific to your needs and those of your family.

Our minimum visit is half hour, if you require only one visit a day.

We can do one hour visits 7 days a week in exceptional circumstances, please call us to discuss.

Many use Direct Payment from Bristol City Council to pay for their care and support.

We accept Direct Payments or you can pay for your care service yourself (private).

Alef Care staff will work with you to work out which method of payment will suit you best.

See below for an explanation of how to find out if you qualify for financial support.

What are Direct Payments?

A Direct Payment is money from the Council or Health Services to help you pay for your assessed social care, health care​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ or other support needs.

Direct Payments are a way of getting social care that lets you choose the service and provider you want, rather than having to use Council services or a provider the Council chooses.

Sometimes you are given the cash directly so you can pay the provider, sometimes the Council will pay the provider.

We will work with you (and your family if you wish) to work out the best way for you. This is all about person centered care planning, which we are big supporters of. Person centered care planning is part of the social care reform that began in December 2007, and its principle is that people should be entitled “to live their own lives as they wish, confident that services are of high quality, are safe and promote their own individual needs for independence, well-being and dignity”.

Use the button below to visit Bristol City Council web page to help you work out how you claim and complete an adult referral form.